Live Quizzes in real time to make your bar crowded every night!

Your customers play via mobile. One new quiz each 30 minutes. Fun for everyone!

Every hour, we launch a new quiz (with 10 new questions) that your customers can play on mobile.

Reward the winner with a beer or whatever you want. Fun for everyone at no cost. Your customers will love it!

A new quiz every hour

Engaging multimedia questions

Plug and play: ready in a minute

All phones are supported

Management of prizes for winners

Advertise your bar


One minute to set up. Print the poster and you are ready to launch your quiz night.


No hardware nor software required. Your customers play on their mobile phone, no apps required.


Quiz is a winner. It's the favorite pastime for bars and pubs! Your customers won't stop playing!


Happy customers who consume, come back and spread the word. Word of mouth assured!

Fun in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!