Use your TV to boost your business

Engage your customers, display your ads, increase your revenue!


Use Juga to create your own TV advertising and give visibility to your menu, events, and special offers.


Entertain your customers by broadcasting interactive applications such as quizzes, betting, dating on your TVs. Let them play, and reward them when they win!


A happy client spends more money, returns, and tells their friends. Know your customers better and stay in touch with them!

Our applications

  • Quiz

    15 categories, 10,000 questions, and regular updates. Manual or automatic settings!

    Play to the demo
  • Slideshow

    Create and display images and presentation: show your menu, offers, photos, live events, etc

  • Custom Quiz

    Create, customize, and animate your very own quizzes!

    Play to the demo
  • Youtube

    Put a youtube video or playlist on your TV.

  • Lottery

    Give virtual tickets to your customers to win prizes.

  • Betting

    Create a bet about anything, see who scores highest, reward him/her with a prize!

  • Polls

    Ask any question to your users.

  • Web

    Display your website or any webpage on your TV.

  • Guestbook

    Transform your TV into an interactive Guestbook accepting selfie, photos and messages !

  • Announcements

    COMING SOON: let your users post their own announcements on your screen.

  • Infocast

    COMING SOON: fun facts, horoscope, jokes, content to give life to your TV.

  • Dating

    COMING SOON: turn your place into a dating hotspot, for friendship and love.

Engage your customers all thanks to your TV screen!


  • Rewards

    Prize management system. Put prizes up for grab, check who's redeeming them.

  • Customizable

    Customize the appearance and select, customize and schedule activities for your users.

  • Moderation

    Let your users comment on the TV broadcast. Profanities and bad words are automatically censored.

  • Push messages

    Send messages and notifications to your customers in real time.

  • Plug and play

    Easy to setup, easy to join, ready in minutes.

  • Social boost

    Link JUGA with your social networks and website, we'll make sure your users will have easy access to them.

  • Compatible

    No application to download, JUGA works on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

  • Create loyalty

    Notifications and other tools to keep you in touch with your customers. They'll be back!

  • Statistics

    Connect JUGA to your Google Analytics accounts and take control of your stats.

  • Marketing material

    We generate PDFs for you and provide materials to customize.

  • Constant evolution

    Fresh content for your customers, new tools and features to help you with your business.

  • Your advertisement on TV

    Creates and broadcasts your advertising in video, images or text.

Easy setup

To use Juga on your TV you just need a Google Chromecast ($35) or an HDMI cable.

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Refund policy: You can easily cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email at There are no cancellation fees. No refunds are provided for prorated periods.

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People that trust us

Photo of Ivo

Cable TV and a Facebook page cost me a lot. JUGA offers both things—entertainment and an ability to contact my customers—for a very low cost.

IvoPub owner (Abirradero, BCN)

Photo of Cecilia

Communication is key to any coworking space, and at MOB we use JUGA as a message board to connect and optimize exchange between our members in our space.

CeciliaCoworking space owner (MOB)

Photo of Matteo

Cable TV and a Facebook page cost me a lot. JUGA offers both things—entertainment and an ability to contact my customers—for a very low cost. Excellent.

MatteoCEO (TV Parma)

Photo of Joanna

My friends organized an interactive quiz with JUGA for me and my wife at our wedding. It had the guests cracking up... (maybe not us quite as much ;))

JoannaWedding Planner

Photo of Simona

We used JUGA in a business meeting to make it more interactive but also to see how much our employees know about the company. It’s absolutely a tool I recommend.

SimonaEntrepreneur (D Mobile Lab)

Photo of Ana

We've used Juga for a training session at the hospital. In 10 minutes we have prepared a quiz about the spinal cord. It's great to use cell phones to answer instead of paper!


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